Eldon Roark Illusion Show Press Release

The Eldon Roark Illusion Show Press Release


The Eldon Roark Illusion Show combines choreography with comedy, drama and of course MAGIC, to create an experience that will expand your mind and astound your senses.  Eldon’s show is full of the big tricks that you would normally see on television or in Las Vegas.  From age 3 to 103, everyone will be amazed and amused by classic illusions such as “The Zig-Zag Lady”, along with new and innovative effects like “The Twister”.

     Audience participation is another main ingredient to the show.  Eldon uses a lot of volunteers and at times will use the entire audience to accomplish a magic effect.  You never know how a volunteer or audience is going to react.  That unexpected moment is what makes every performance a unique experience.

     Eldon creates and builds magic props for other magicians all over the world for his company “White Magic Manufacturing”.  Through these endeavors, he is always searching for the next big illusion for his show.  You may experience the next one.

     Eldon strives to move the audience emotionally.  You will experience laughter and most importantly the sense of wonder and amazement.  Don’t miss your chance to see Master Illusionist Eldon Roark.